Upper Elementary & Junior High

Grades 4-8

In our Upper Elementary and Junior High School/Middle School program (grades 4-8, offered at our Irvine Spectrum Campus and Fountain Valley Campus), we help our students acquire the essential knowledge, thinking skills, and strength of character required to flourish as joyous children today, and as successful adults tomorrow.

Our unique program emphasizes the relationship between the academically challenging material presented in the classroom, and the breadth of experience children have in their lives outside of the classroom. With the knowledge they gain at LePort, students are able to understand and delight in both the wondrous world around them and their burgeoning personal identity within—and to succeed in the most challenging high school programs.

We invite you to discover our curriculum principles—the why, what and how that informs our teaching—and to get to know our dedicated, expert teachers. Pick a subject—literature, history, geography, math, science or language arts—and see what your child can expect at LePort. Then compare what we offer to any other school: visit us, observe our classes in action. If you’d like, use this checklist to ensure you get the full picture.

We are confident that our unique program delivers outstanding results. If you think we’re a good fit for your child, we would love to have your family join us soon.

Additional Information For International Students

Are you inquiring from outside the US? Please do contact us, as we welcome international students into our private school program. Our enrollment process for international students parallels the domestic process described above, and we modify it to accommodate those not able to travel to our schools. For example, we may invite parents for a Skype conference call instead of an in-person visit, or conduct assessments via email and Skype. In addition, once your child is admitted to LePort, we will work with you to complete the materials you need to apply for a student visa, as LePort Schools is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

“LePort is double what I was paying before for private school – but I would live on Macaroni and Cheese to be able to send my son to LePort. Elementary school is completely fundamental – children do not just master academics, they also learn the key skills and attitudes that they need for life; enabling them to develop into the adults that they are going to be. That’s why we are moving our second son to LePort in September: we had put him in public school, so we could afford LePort for our older son, and he is getting good grades, easily. We are moving him—because he isn’t developing the right skills, as he isn’t being challenged. Because of LePort’s superior curriculum and individualized attention, I know he is going to receive the right level of challenge and corresponding skills. It’s a financial challenge to afford two tuitions—but it is so worth it.

With LePort, you gain Peace of Mind: you know, for a fact (not a guess) that you are providing your child with the best education possible for those critical elementary years. The proof is in the results. I would encourage any parent to see for themselves what a truly different educational experience their child(ren) would experience at LePort. My only request of LePort is this: could you please open up a High School?!”

Maritza A.LePort Parent