Welcome LePort Montessori Emeryville

An urban, authentic Montessori school at a convenient Emeryville location, with a Mandarin immersion option for toddlers and preschool/kindergarten

Discover an authentic Montessori school in the heart of Emeryville.

Our preschool campus offers programs for infants (3 months) through kindergarten (6 years), where children experience an authentic Montessori environment. Our trained teachers have created beautifully prepared spaces. They, together with the assistant teachers and after school staff, are a passionate group of educators eager to make your child’s first school experience joyful and rewarding.

Our loft-like spacious preschool building, a converted former warehouse, features purpose-built classrooms, with child-height sinks, small toilets, bright windows and direct access to the outside from each classroom. In the back of the building, secured from the street via fencing and sturdy stores, children play on a natural play area, complete with grass, a sandbox, and a hill with a slide. A rooftop deck excites children with gardening boxes and a tricycle path. Infants have a cozy separate play area all their own. On rainy days, all children enjoy access to an indoor gross motor area, complete with climbing wall, which is also a great place for active after school programs, such as yoga and gymnastics.

For toddlers and preschool, you can choose between an English language Montessori program, or a Mandarin immersion program, where the entire Montessori experience is delivered in Mandarin Chinese. Infants experience a bilingual program (with both Mandarin-speaking and English-speaking staff). Whether you are an English monolingual, looking for a more global education, or a Chinese-speaker who wants to help your child to learn Chinese in a more joyful way, we invite you to discover Mandarin Montessori at LePort.

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Discover LePort Montessori Emeryville

LePort Montessori Emeryville quick facts:

  • Preschool campus offers programs for infants (3 months) through kindergarten.
  • Mandarin programs offer your child the gift of bilingualism:
    • Full immersion toddler and preschool/kindergarten program: both the head teacher and the assistant teacher are native Mandarin speakers, and speak only Mandarin with the children. More details on our Mandarin programs for toddler/preschool here.
  • Highly-trained, nurturing Montessori teachers, and caring assistant teachers who are passionate about working with children
  • A convenient Emeryville location, easily accessible to Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, Alameda and other East Bay cities; just minutes off the I-80 Ashby or Powell Street exit, and on the Emery-go-Round free shuttle to BART
  • A beautiful urban preschool building: an infant cottage, a large preschool building with lots of natural light and bathrooms in each classroom.
  • A secure natural play area for the preschool, a rooftop garden with tricycle path, and an indoor gross motor space with climbing wall.

LePort Montessori School Emeryville

Preschool (infant – kindergarten)
1450 63rd Street
Emeryville, CA 94608

Admissions phone number: (510) 984-6889

How to Get Started

Discovering our school is easy, with many convenient ways to get to know us.

  • Start by exploring the web site. Discover why parents at our schools love LePort—and how Montessori has the potential to change your child’s life, how at each stage, from infancy to elementary, she’ll thrive during her Knowledge for Life journey, how our Passionate Professionalism promise will help you feel secure in your choice, and how our beautiful, carefully prepared environments may make you wish you were a child again!
  • Contact us to get more information. We’ll send you a few emails that answer questions we know are on your mind—from what your child’s day at LePort would look like to how to ease separation anxiety.
  • Come in for a tour. Just contact us via phone, or the web form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll get right back to you to schedule your tour. Tours usually happen in the mornings: we want you to be able to see our classrooms in action!
  • Attend an event. Our Parent Info Events cover a wide range of topics—from why to choose Montessori to how to approach toilet learning with your toddler, from how to foster literacy in preschoolers to the holy grail of how to raise a child who can think on his own. Our Open Houses allow you to visit our school on weekends—and to explore the entire campus with your child.

What We Offer




Mandarin Immersion

Bright, spacious classrooms in an interesting loft-like building

Our new Emeryville preschool campus opened in Spring 2016. It’s a beautiful urban oasis–a loft-like warehouse and a cottage converted to bright classrooms, with a grassy, secure play area at the back, and a rooftop deck with gardening planters and a tricycle path. Our indoor, padded play area is a great space for activity on rainy days and our enrichment programs; children also enjoy our indoor climbing wall.

Hear parents explain why they choose to give the gift of bilingualism–and get a glimpse into Mandarin immersion Montessori classrooms at several LePort Montessori schools.

A thoughtful, effective integration of Mandarin immersion and Montessori

Being able to understand, speak, read and write in Mandarin Chinese—being fully bilingual in English and Chinese—is one of the best gifts you can give your child. The best way to get started is early—and with full immersion. In our Mandarin immersion Montessori classrooms (which are separate from our English-language Montessori classrooms), children are guided by two native Mandarin-speaking teachers, one of whom has her AMI Montessori credentials. Rich language surrounds them all day long, so they acquire a strong vocabulary, with a native accent. We introduce students to phonetic writing in Chinese starting at age three, in parallel with learning English—using Montessori materials such as Sandpaper Letters and the Moveable Alphabet custom-made for LePort Montessori by Nienhuis, the top-rated Montessori materials manufacturer. Learn more about Mandarin Chinese immersion Montessori at LePort.


Emeryville preschool gallery

Here are some photos of our urban oasis preschool in Emeryville.

Montessori children in action gallery

As our school opened recently, we don’t have many photos of the Emeryville preschoolers in action yet. For now, please enjoy these photos of children from several different LePort campuses engaged in their activities. As our community settles in, we’ll update these photos.

Who to Contact

Dear Family,

Thank you for your interest in LePort Montessori. As the Head of School,  I look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful and diverse community of parents, children, teachers and admin staff.

I am a parent of two young Montessori students who were previously enrolled at LePort Montessori Irvine Mandarin. The quality of education my children received at LePort convinced me to take on the Head of School role in Emeryville to bring high-quality Montessori education to ever more students.

If you have not already done so, please call us to set up a tour, or press the request info tab on the right. I look forward to meeting you and your children and help you decide if a LePort Montessori education and/or Mandarin immersion program is right for your family.

Fiona Ho
Head of School

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By providing us with your phone number, you consent to being contacted by LePort Montessori and/or its affiliated schools regarding their educational programs, whether such contact is by phone, autodialer, recorded message, or text. Please note: Your consent is not required as a condition of enrollment.