Financial Aid

Invest one hour to make it possible for your child to attend LePort Schools!

Are you excited about LePort Schools but worried about meeting the tuition rate? We want to help!

Our financial aid program is here to help qualifying LePort families bridge the gap between what they can afford, and our regular tuition. If you qualify, your monthly tuition is reduced by the financial aid amount. It is not a loan you need to pay back.

Applying for financial aid is a quick process, and it’s worth exploring, even if you consider yourself an upper-middle-class family.

  • Financial aid takes many personal factors into account, not just income. Even if you earn a solid income, you may still qualify. For example, your chances for qualifying are improved if you have several children to enroll, if you live in an expensive area (think San Francisco or Brooklyn), if you have other financial hardships, or if your child will contribute positively to our classroom communities (e.g., if you are transferring with prior Montessori experience into a new LePort campus). You’ll be able to explain your circumstances, beyond the mere financials, during the application process.
  • We typically offer between 5-40% of tuition in aid. Our financial aid program is meant for families for whom attending LePort is a stretch, but who can put forth at least 60% of the tuition bill. During the past year, we’ve been able to award aid to between 50-80% of families who have applied.
  • New, growing campuses often have more openings, and a larger available financial aid budget. Because our priority is renewing aid for already enrolled families so their children can continue their education, it’s often easier to qualify for aid at our new, growing campuses, where the financial aid budget hasn’t been exhausted yet by already enrolled children.
  • You can apply for aid early, even before you receive an enrollment offer. In fact, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible! That way, when we are able to offer you enrollment, you’ll be ready to decide. That’s important at our fully-enrolled campuses, where we typically need a decision from parents within a few days for mid-year openings.
  • Applying is an easy process you can complete in an hour. After you tour our school, you can apply for aid online, through our partner, FAST. You’ll need to complete an online questionnaire, submit your latest tax return and pay a $45 application fee. Once FAST receives and processes your application, our financial aid committee will meet, and be able to let you know whether and how much aid you’ve been awarded within 7-10 business days.

A great education can really change your child’s life. So if you are excited about LePort, and financial considerations are the only thing making you hesitate about enrolling, please do apply for our financial aid program! We are eager to welcome you to our school.

If you have further questions, please visit our financial aid FAQ, contact FinancialAid@leportschools.com, or speak with the office team at the campus where you’d like to enroll your child.

FAST (the financial aid processing company) is user-friendly.  Applying for financial aid using FAST was a straightforward process. The website is intuitive. The directions are easy and clear to follow. In no time at all I was able to answer all the questions and upload the required documents to be submitted.

The LePort team encouraged me to apply for financial aid. The process was very simple: there’s a short questionnaire, asking general things like why you’d like to enroll your child, why you want Montessori education, along with questions about your income and assets. It’s all online; the only thing you need to mail is your latest tax returns. For me, the process felt like applying for financial aid for college—except it’s muchsimpler, and much faster. I received my answer within a week or two of applying, and it was a very painless process; I’d give FAST (the financial aid processing company) and LePort both a 10 out of 10 on the financial aid process.

Applying for Financial Aid

Applying for LePort Schools Financial Aid consists of two steps, which are outlined below with detailed instructions.
Parents say it takes at most 2 hours to complete both steps.


  1. Tour a school.
    Contact your campus of interest to schedule an individual tour. To see a list of our campus locations, visit our Locations page.
  2. Select your campus of interest.
    After touring the school, you will need to decide if that campus is where you would like to enroll your child. You are welcome to tour other LePort campuses if you’d like. Each of our schools provide the same high-quality programs, teachers, and staff. However, each campus does have a few unique characteristics you may want to consider, such as location, highest program level, and extra-curricular offerings.
  3. Notify campus administration you will be applying for Financial Aid.
    At your campus of interest, the admin staff will note in your confidential file that you will be applying for financial aid. This will help hold your child’s spot for a couple of weeks while you fill out the application and await your decision letter.
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