LePort Montessori Temporarily Closed

In light of the most recent coronavirus (COVID-19) developments, and following the lead of local school districts, LePort Montessori has made the difficult decision to close our schools starting Monday, March 16th. Although we have been fortunate NOT to have had a confirmed case of COVID-19 within any of our schools, we are proceeding as a result of the rapidly changing public health outlook. LePort Parents: please refer to our school communications for the latest information regarding LePort's distance learning plan.

Summer Camp Sessions for 1st-6th Grade

Make summer a fun adventure for your child with LePort Montessori and let them discover a new passion or deepen a lasting one. LePort’s Elementary Summer Camps are designed to introduce students to a variety of activities that are educational and engaging.

  • New topics and activities every week
  • Flexible one-week camp sessions
  • Experienced Montessori teachers
  • Opportunity for students to make new friends and collaborate

Please call or visit your local school admin for future summer camp information

Artful Antics Camp

Your child will stretch their creative muscles with Action Painting, Mural Design, Found Object, and Mixed-Media collage. This week students will have a rich opportunity to explore painting, sculpture, and more with traditional and non-traditional materials. Students will create exciting 2D and 3D art pieces and display their own art exhibit on June 21st.

Performing Arts Camp

This week, students will have the opportunity to engage the mind, the body, and emotions in collaborative expression. They will learn about different approaches and be given the opportunity to act, sing, and dance, and also able to create and perform their own plays.

Robotics & Science Camp

Students will focus on entry-level robotic builds that introduces them to building materials and advances into the study of principles and theories of electric power, the center of gravity, force, walking robots, and so much more! The second aspect of these weeks will allow students to utilize technology while being introduced to various topics covering both physical and life sciences. Lessons will always begin with a mystery question,

and through the use of images, videos, discussions, and hands-on activities students will grow in their understanding of the world that surrounds them.

Oceans & Beaches Camp

This week, students will be taking a dive below the surface of the ocean and see what life forms live in the deep blue. As we go down the different depths, we will explore how different sea creatures survive at each level until we reach the ocean floor.

Baking Camp

Students will be inspired to learn as much as they can about baking. They will learn about different foods they can bake along with measuring ingredients and decorating. Students will also experience a special trip to a local bakery where they can see the process from start to finish. They will hone their marketing skills by putting on their own bake sale at the end of the week! Mark your calendars for these sweet treats!

Animal Planet Camp

This week, students will learn about the diversity of animals from around the world, as well as characteristics that make each animal unique. They will learn about adaptation, camouflage, and what animals need to survive in their habitats.

Fun on Wheels Camp

This week, students will bring their own non-motorized wheels (bikes, roller skate, roller blades, scooters, etc.) for age-appropriate obstacle courses or relay races. Students will also learn the importance of safety while enjoying their wheels. (Each child will need to bring their own “wheels” and helmet to participate.)

Outdoor Adventures Camp

Students will have various outdoor adventures from building a teepee, exploring mud pits, a water slide and more! This week students will experience the outdoors where they can build self-confidence through mastering new skills and activities and develop team-building as they work with others to accomplish their tasks.

Art History & Appreciation Camp

Students will study art and the connection to history and culture. They will create arts and crafts in a similar fashion of the works of famous artists.

Health & Fitness Camp

This week students will be exercising their body and mind by doing a variety of activities that will help with flexibility, strength, and learning to practice safe exercises. Students will have the opportunity to participate in an array of activities related to health and fitness.

Cooking & Culinary Camp

This week students will take on the role as a chef and learn how to create a menu, prepare and cook from the recipes they find. As they prepare the recipe, students will learn the safety and skills they need to cook in the kitchen. They will prepare lunch for their classmates throughout the week. Look out for your new chef to join you in the kitchen!

Engineering Camp

Students will have the opportunity to invent and/or build their own machines, miniature vehicles and we will be discussing why modern-day machines do what they do as students design their own robot.

Dance & Music Camp

In this week students will be introduced to a variety of musical genres including classical, jazz, rock, hip-hop, and country. Students will work in groups to create their own movements with a song of their choice pre-approved by the teachers. At the end of the week they will perform for each other.

Ocean Exploration Camp

This week, students will learn about the diversity of animals from around the world, as well as characteristics that make each animal unique. They will learn about adaptation, camouflage, and what animals need to survive in their habitats.

Gardening Camp

A garden is a ripe opportunity to keep vocabulary and math skills on point while working outside in the fresh air! Students will plant, tend and spend time in our very own garden. Highlights include learning about the benefits of composting and getting their hands dirty!

Space Camp

This week students will take a journey into space to study stars and planets, like Mars, as well as asteroids, comets and other celestial bodies. They will learn about rockets, space shuttles and the International Space Station.

International Celebration Camp

Students will enjoy a week of traveling around the world! They will have an opportunity to learn about countries and cultures from all over the world. Students will make crafts, learn ways of greeting one another in different languages, sample food and music. At the end of the week they will be presenting a country of their choice to their classmates.

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