Strong Performance—Not Teaching To The Test

As a private school, LePort is not required to participate in the annual testing which is mandatory at public schools. Test scores capture but a fraction of what we do. None of our students are drilled for tests, nor do we ever teach to a test. For example, our 3rd graders learn advanced math and language skills in a self-paced Montessori environment, without the pressured test prep that is all too common in many public school and charter school programs. We are quite proud that just by virtue of our strong academic program, our 3rd graders scored in the top 2% of all tested students nationwide—and that our Elementary and Junior High/Middle School scored in the top 10% overall.

Our 2014 Test Scores, Irvine Spectrum (PDF)
Our 2014 Test Scores, Huntington Pier / Fountain Valley (PDF)
Our 2013 Test Scores, Irvine Spectrum (PDF)
Our 2013 Test Scores, Huntington Pier / Fountain Valley (PDF)
Our 2012 Test Scores (PDF)
Our 2011 Test Scores (PDF)
Our 2010 Test Scores (PDF)
Our 2009 Test Scores (PDF)