The Home / School Connection

Informing yourself about school events and important dates is vital for you and your child to get the most out of your time at LePort and to feel connected with the school community.

We’re constantly working to communicate with families in a variety of ways. Here’s how you can stay informed:

    • Make sure you have the most up-to-date school calendar easily accessible. It’s highly recommended that you add the calendar to your own personal calendar system. Calendars are available in a one-page pdf summary (sent out via the Tuesday email, and included in your enrollment documents), as well as in Google Calendar format, so you can easily access the calendar and load it into your own calendar system.
    • Read your Tuesday emails. Every week, important information is included in your campus’s Tuesday email, especially regarding Minimum Days, holiday care, the hot lunch program, and field trips. Look at your child’s Tuesday Folder. At some of our elementary and middle school locations, you will also receive a hard-copy folder with key information, once a week.
    • Sign up for and get updates via Transparent Classroom. Transparent Classroom is our online record keeping system, where our Montessori Head Teachers keep track of all of the individualized lessons each child receives. This system allows us to ensure that each child progresses through the entire Montessori curriculum, at their own pace. It also allows your child’s teacher to communicate with you: he/she can easily share photos of your child with you, as well as to let you know of specific lessons she wants you to be aware of. You’ll receive typically one message a week from Transparent Classroom, so you can watch your child grow in Montessori.
    • Join your school’s closed Facebook community. Here, we’ll post the most current pictures of in-class events, field trips, etc. It’s also a great forum for getting to know other LePort families or arranging play dates.
    • Be on the lookout for Watch Me Work Wednesdays. Each year, starting around October, you’ll be invited to sign up to observe in your child’s Montessori classroom (for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school). Come see first-hand how your child spends his/her time in class!
    • Touch base with your child’s teacher at drop-off or pick-up. Teachers are happy to share anecdotes about your child’s day at drop-off or pick-up, as time permits, but it’s not possible to have in-depth conversations at these times of day. If your child’s teacher isn’t available to talk for long, leave a message with front office staff and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible, or email him/her to coordinate a time for a meeting.
    • For full-day infants and toddlers, pick up your child’s “daily reports” every day. These will keep you up to date about basic information from your child’s day, such as eating, napping, and toileting.
    • You’re always welcome to ask front office staff to look in on your child or give you an update if you’ve had a tearful goodbye. They are there to help and answer any questions you might have.
    • Parent-teacher conferences happen twice a year, with a back-to-school conference typically in September/October, and a mid-year conference around February. Some teachers and schools may send out a get-to-know-you questionnaire before conferences, for new parents, so your child’s teacher can better understand the goals you have for your child.
    • You’ll receive comprehensive progress reports of your child’s Montessori experience in February and June. These detailed reports are available online, in the Transparent Classroom system, and contain information both on the progress your child has made in the Montessori curriculum, as well as commentary about your child’s life in the classroom.
    • Finally, be sure to attend parent info events throughout the year. These will help you better understand what your child is doing at school. Parent info events can take a variety of forms–everything from casual morning coffee chats with a school leader, to hour-long late afternoon or evening meetings, and even weekend multi-hour workshops. Some of our schools make these events accessible via Facebook Live broadcasts, so busy working parents can join, too.

Thank you for staying connected!