Welcome to LePort Montessori Chantilly

For more than ten years now, since our opening in 2005, we have welcomed toddlers and preschoolers to our school—and watched them grow up with us through their elementary years.

Our purpose-built school sits atop a hill, overlooking our soccer field, track, and outdoor basketball court, which all lead to a wooded nature area. Our toddlers and preschoolers enjoy playing in their own playground space right next to their classrooms: they love to slide, to swing, to dig in sand and go on imaginary journeys on our wooden train. Our elementary students feel grown up in their separate wing, where they can explore our music and science room, or read in our library overlooking the garden they maintain. They look forward to moving downstairs for upper elementary, where older students work in a community space, cooking in their own kitchen, working in a large, bright classroom, and finding quiet places to collaborate in several break-out rooms.

We’re located just north off the Westfields Boulevard exit from Route 28, minutes from Sully Station, located minutes from many near-by businesses. Our convenient daily schedules are tailored for working parents: we open as early as 7:30 am, and are open until 6 pm, with year-round program options.  Our shorter half-day programs for toddlers and preschoolers are a great option for combining a high-quality school experience with time at home.

LePort Montessori Chantilly
4550 Walney Road
Chantilly, VA 20151
Admissions: 571-222-4728
General Office: 571-321-0364

Dear Family,

As a child of an educator, I grew up in a house that often had old school-related materials and supplies lying around. My most favorite item among them was a chalkboard, salvaged from a nursery school classroom, which I would create, instruct and design all sorts of things. As I grew older I would spend hours practicing my cursive handwriting on it, and when I was even older, I used it as a place to write down my daily schedules. Having the time and space to explore, I constructed my own understanding and use of this rather commonplace item, and because of that, its meaning was all the richer.

Working as a progressive educator for more than two decades, I have seen the benefits that come from providing children with choices for their own learning experiences. Giving children the gift of time and space to explore their surroundings is at the core of a Montessori education. In a prepared learning environment, our children are introduced to the options that surround them and then are given the freedom with which to investigate and experience them. We believe deeply that from a very early age, children are eager and capable of doing things on their own and contributing to the world around them. With an authentic Montessori education, children become confident, independent doers, ready to happily embrace challenges, academic and social, as they grow.

I would love the opportunity to show you how Montessori happens, and I invite you to come and visit our school. Please contact us so we can show you around during an individual tour, or join us for one of our group events. I look forward to welcoming you to our community!

Nancy Kaplan
Head of School

Quick Facts

  • Montessori programs for toddlers – elementary.
  • Spanish immersion programs for toddlers and preschool/kindergarten.
  • Authentic, accredited Montessori programs, led by Montessori-trained head teachers.
  • Caring, nurturing staff who love helping children grow and learn.
  • A purpose-built, spacious school house, set on a hill, with separate wings for toddler through kindergarten students, and our elementary programs.
  • Engaging enrichment programs available.
  • A convenient location just north of Route 28, off the Westfields exit, minutes from Sully Station.
  • Dual accreditation, from the American Montessori Society, and the Virginia Council of Private Education, allowing children who graduate from Kindergarten to enter grade one in the public school system.
  • Schedules that fit the needs of both stay-at-home and working parents: half day (8:30-12:45 pm), academic day (8:30–3:00 pm), extended day (8:30-4:30 pm), and full day (7:00-6:00 pm) available. Academic year or year round programs offered.

Discover the benefits of Spanish Immersion Montessori

Hear parents explain why they choose to give the gift of bilingualism–and get a glimpse into Spanish immersion Montessori classrooms at several LePort Montessori schools.

How to Get Started

Discovering our school is easy, with many convenient ways to get to know us.

  • Start by exploring the web site. Discover why parents at our schools love LePort—and how Montessori has the potential to change your child’s life, how at each stage, from infancy to elementary, she’ll thrive during her Knowledge for Life journey, how our Passionate Professionalism promise will help you feel secure in your choice, and how our beautiful, carefully prepared environments may make you wish you were a child again!
  • Contact us to get more information. We’ll send you a few emails that answer questions we know are on your mind—from how your child’s day at LePort would look like to how to ease separation anxiety.
  • Come in for a tour. Just contact us via phone, or via the web form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll get right back to you to schedule your tour. Tours usually happen in the mornings: we want you to be able to see our classrooms in action!
  • Attend an event. Our Parent Info Sessions cover a wide range of topics—from why to choose Montessori to how to approach toilet learning with your toddler, from how to foster literacy in preschoolers to the holy grail of how to raise a child who can think on his own. Our Open Houses allow you to visit our school on weekends—and to explore the entire campus with your child.

Contact Us

Contact us today to request a tour and to receive information about our programs and special offers.

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