We are so happy with everything she has learned so far and how much love and care she is getting.

R K. 5 Stars, Yelp
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This is my second review here, since my daughter was 9-months-old in the Infant program. We had to go abroad for a while, and returned when she was 18-months-old when she entered the Toddler program. While we had some difficulty with her adjusting, as LePort has a strict Montessori program where she had to learn many new skills, we are very grateful for the full support of her teacher, the staff, and the school director, Dr. Daniels. This is not a place where kids are left to play and just be monitored, but it is a place where kids learn and they are cared for by people who advance their independence and development. We were concerned about our child's development. Dr. Daniels spent numerous hours with us listening carefully to our concerns and discussing our options. He is very knowledgeable. He cared about our daughter and offered us guidance and communicated with us promptly throughout. My daughter is now 2 years and 3 months old, and we are so happy with everything she has learned so far and how much love and care she is getting.


Knowing that she is being educated in a nurturing environment fills me with so much joy.

ZoZo K. 5 Stars, Yelp
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My 14-month-old daughter, Zoe, has been in the Infant program since March 2017. As a single mom, I spent an an incredible amount of time researching the best infant care programs in Orange County because I did not want to send her to a typical daycare program and I wanted to place her in an environment where she would undoubtedly develop high self-esteem and independence, ultimately enabling her to thrive throughout each stage of life. I toured several other Montessori schools in Orange County, and there was at least something that I did not like about every non-LePort school. I then researched the differences between LePort and non-LePort, at which point I drew the conclusion that LePort was essentially the Harvard of Montessori schools.

Due to the fact that my daughter is being raised in a non-nuclear family, I will do anything in my power to ensure that she never feels as though something is missing in her life. As soon as I toured LePort, I filled out the enrollment forms. Since Zoe started in Ms. Komori's Infant 1 classroom, she has blossomed! Ms. Komori is truly an incredible woman. I also adore the assistant teachers. But Ms. Komori and Zoe have a very special bond. It's beautiful to witness such a soul connection as her mother.

LePort also has a very homey vibe. The classrooms are immaculate; the learning tools are expansive; the TLC is unprecedented. I was so scared to be away from Zoe at first, but I know she is safe there, which is of pivotal importance to me for a plethora of reasons. Before you can step foot in the school, you have to enter a password on a keypad and then use your right index finger to check your child in and then out at the end of the day. I love knowing that potential predators lack access, unlike most other schools.

There is also a closed group on Facebook for LePort Irvine Spectrum parents and students, where teachers post photos and videos, which is awesome because I get to see what children are doing in other classes, thereby making me excited to see what Zoe's future holds at LePort. In January, Zoe will be transitioning into the Mandarin Chinese immersion program at a different LePort campus, and I am amazed that this even exists. I sure wish it had in the 1980s when I was growing up!

Compared to my friends who have babies that do not attend LePort, Zoe is ready to fly a plane and they're just bopping around watching YouTube videos. A lot of my friends are stay-at-home moms or have live-in nannies, which is lovely. However, in terms of development, Zoe is so much more advanced. Some examples: she feeds herself with real silverware; she eats from glass plates and refuses paper plates; she stopped drinking from a bottle a couple months ago and went straight to a cup; she knows how to butter her own bread and make fresh-squeezed orange juice; she has a sophisticated palate and I love making her various types of cuisine for lunch; she has an extensive vocabulary; she can communicate in sign language; she is very amicable and social, and I can take her anywhere without fear of being embarrassed.

The teachers maintain structure and a certain level of discipline, which is very important for children, but they NEVER raise their voices. I run my household the same way. Knowing that she is being educated in a nurturing environment fills me with so much joy. A lot of people think that Montessori school is too expensive but when you do the math, it's less expensive or about the same as a nanny would be. And, I am sorry, but there's no nanny that is going to as attentive as Ms. Komori and her staff. The school is also incredibly diverse. I feel as though her classroom is a mini UN, which is wonderful, because I want to make sure that Zoe sees souls before she does skin color. I am grateful beyond measure that I found LePort. I am already emotionally preparing myself for Zoe's transition to the Toddler program because Ms. Komori holds a very special place in my heart.

As long as we live in an area where there's a LePort campus, Zoe will be in attendance. I recommend LePort to ANYONE with a child. There's nowhere better. Even though Zoe's father is not in the picture (and never will be), I still feel like I have a "team" raising Zoe, and, as I like to say, teamwork makes the dream work. I will always be the wind beneath her wings, and nothing makes me happier than watching my girl soar. THANK YOU to everyone at LePort Irvine Spectrum for loving Zoe. You mean the world to US and I am eternally grateful.


The independent skills they have learned are jaw-dropping.

Jessica L. 5 Stars, Yelp
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I can't say enough about LePort South. My kids started in the Infant program and the independent skills they have learned are jaw-dropping. They are all such wonderful teachers and I have built a strong bond. Ms. Stacy Dee, Ms. Carmen, Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Emily Ward, and Ms. Liz to name a few. So much love.


They instill a love and excitement for learning.

Amy C. 5 Stars, Google My Business
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Our family loved this school. Ms. Liz was my 2-year-old's teacher, and she (and the assistant teacher, Ms. Nazee) were so incredibly nurturing and patient. My son was not 100% potty trained (too scared to do #2s), but they helped/encouraged him to get there within his first month at school. This is an AMI school so the teachers are very precise and adhere very closely to the original Montessori method. They instill a love and excitement for learning, and obviously independence. I saw a difference in my son within the 1st month, and he had only gone to non-Montessori daycares prior to this. My infant started here at around 12 months--their infant rooms are the best I've seen in the area. They are CLEAN, calm/peaceful, and the teachers are also very serene yet cheerful with the babies. They really give a lot of attention to each child. Ms. Rachel and her assistant teachers were so wonderful and loving, but from what I've observed, ALL of the teachers in this school are really top-notch (got to meet them all at information sessions). It is expensive, but you are paying for a smaller student:teacher ratio and top quality teachers. The administration for this school is also really great. This building was brand-spanking new in September 2014, so yes, there were a few administrative mistakes here and there as they were starting up, but the admin staff is so energetic, helpful, and you can tell they get a lot of support from the top-down. They do a great job in making you feel part of the LePort community by holding family socials at the school and offering info sessions to help parents better understand what their kids are learning or how Montessori works. We had to leave because we moved across the country, but Ms. Liz and my 2-year-old's class even wrote us a lovely letter after we moved! Miss them all.


After just the first week at LePort, my daughter transformed into someone completely new.

Anne M. 5 Stars, Google My Business
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My oldest daughter transferred to LePort from an academically rigorous private school in Anaheim last year. The previous school was extremely challenging, which was fine, but my husband and I felt that we were doing most of the teaching rather than the school just to keep my daughter on track. Worst of all, our daughter's confidence degraded year over year from preschool to 5th grade. It was she who begged me to move her mid-year in 5th grade. After just the first week at LePort, my daughter transformed into someone completely new. She talked more, was happy to be at school, loved to learn again, interacted well with her classmates and was motivated to do whatever work that was given. Icing on the cake is that my husband and I no longer feel that we have to do the teaching to keep her from falling behind. My younger daughter moved over at the beginning of this school year and admits to loving this school so much more than her previous one as well. Comparatively, I believe LePort and their previous school are both equally rigorous in academics but the delivery method is just so much more effective at LePort. Last year, my girls had to be out of school for 3 weeks for a family emergency and the teachers were all incredibly supportive. While the teachers did give me extra work for the girls, per my request, they took ownership to catch the girls up on the missed material so that I could focus on the matter at hand. While I am grateful to the previous school for what they had to offer for my girls, LePort is certainly a better fit for them. I only wished that I had moved the girls sooner.


The education they provide to your kids is priceless.

Irina S. 5 Stars, Yelp
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This is the only school to send your kids to!!!!!! The school, the staff, the teachers, the students--are the best in every way. The education they provide to your kids is priceless. In just 2 months I have a different child. He is challenged to go above and beyond and loves school. He is not bored any longer. He has become a different kid. There is no comparison to the public system.


My daughter is flourishing like never before, has a voice in the classroom, and feels loved and important as she grows more and more confident every day.

Caryn C. 5 Stars, Google My Business
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My daughter is in second grade and just started at LePort and we could not be happier. We came from another private school, but boy you don't see the flaws so much until your child is at LePort and see what he/she was missing all along! My daughter no longer loved reading because of the nonsense that comes with rushing through AR tests. Now she participates in small literature circles where discussion is meaningful and comprehension can truly be assessed. The math program at her old school was cookie-cutter and did not build good number sense or conceptual understanding of basic concepts. Now she has a more in-depth understanding and actually enjoys math! She is excelling in every subject and is doing phenomenally better than at her old private school. Her teachers give up their lunch to sit with kids at lunch and talk with them about being a good person and important concepts that support character education. They don't have a million parties that take up 1/2 the day, or a fundraiser every week...instead they focus on educating the child and teaching them independence using the Montessori method (which is new to us but I am VERY pleased with it and see the successful results!). They have wonderful educational events for parents and really share with parents what their students do all day. You won't have any surprises and will feel very "in the know" about everything your child encounters during the school day. The class sizes are small and the focus is on each child as a separate individual. The curriculum is individualized. Many schools claim that by providing additional tutoring. THAT is not true individualized education like LePort offers. Trust me...we were at a highly-rated private school in AH, Orange County, and after being there for 4 years, I can say that LePort tops them in every possible area. I am so thankful for LePort, the teachers, staff, and administration. I did extensive research in finding the best private school when we left our old school for safety reasons and problems with their administration. My research brought us to LePort, but LePort's methods, administration, teachers, individualized education, and top-notch education is what will keep us here. My daughter is flourishing like never before, has a voice in the classroom, and feels loved and important as she grows more and more confident every day because LePort has helped her see her true potential. We'll be with LePort all the way through!

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