LePort provides a whole world of experience for our son.

Parissa E. 5 Stars, Yelp
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Months before going back to work, my husband and I visited so many daycares and schools looking for the "right" place for our 10 month old son. After so many disappointing tours, we took a tour of LePort Montessori with director Claudia - and we instantly knew. This was more than a school. This was a community dedicated to Montessori principles with passionate and highly educated instructors and teachers who take their work seriously and love what they do. We honestly cannot say enough good, great, or amazing things about LePort. Our son has transitioned over two years from the Infant class into the Toddler program. He absolutely loves going to school and always learns something new. We added Montessori principles to our home and he enjoys the independence and autonomy of doing many of his own tasks at home as well. He thrives under the guidance and care of his community. The teachers are absolutely amazing. Claudia is an experienced and dedicated director and leader. They are always learning and developing their methods and teaching us as parents along the way. LePort provides a whole world of experience for our son and us as parents and we cannot be more grateful for the dedicated team of staff and teachers that make it all possible. LePort is the absolute best.


One look and you just know your child is going to develop skills and abilities here that they won't elsewhere.

JC P. 5 Stars, Yelp
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Our son has attended LePort Montessori in Encinitas for 2-3 years now. He started in the Toddler class and transitioned to the Primary Spanish Immersion class. We will be starting our second child there as well. Here's why we chose/love LePort:

(1) They provide an authentic Montessori experience. Other schools say they are Montessori but use it more as a brand. True Montessori is a method of education, not a label. To watch the kids in an authentic Montessori environment is magical and fun.

(2) LePort offers a Spanish immersion program. We felt that raising our child bilingual was extremely important and LePort's teachers speak only in Spanish all day to the class. (By the way they offer an English class as well.) We've seen his Spanish progress and it continues to impress me daily.

(3) We love how clean and organized the class is. It's hard to imagine how they keep it so neat and tidy with a boat load of kids coming in and out all day. However, the Montessori method teaches the kids to take care of their environment.

(4) There is a huge range of activities, material, and work the kids can do. Unlike other preschools I looked at that looked as if they had games all over, LePort classrooms (and really all true Montessori) look like a workshop. It's really hard for me to explain it as it's more of a feeling. One look and you just know your child is going to develop skills and abilities here that they won't elsewhere.

(5) Montessori math is awesome! You tend to think that an infant or toddler can't learn advanced math skills, but they can and do at LePort. You can see that the basic building blocks of object based math will help the children understand an abstract concept in a concrete way. Little do these kids know they are learning algorithmic logs and functions. As a geek in the tech industry I can see my kid finding a good base in what he'll need for coding, logic, and thought in the digital age. It's no wonder why many tech founders and icons have grown up in the Montessori way. Names like: Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Prince William and Prince Harry, Julia Child (the famous TV chef), and Anne Frank all have a background in Montessori. Most of these figures highlight that it was a Montessori education that contributed to their independent thinking and success.

(6) The staff and teachers care. They really do love our child and bring out the best in them. They have huge hearts and are very eager to share their knowledge with us (and I need a lot of it because I'm a new/inexperienced parent, the teachers have a lot of experience!)

(7) We like the fact that the teachers and Head of School are focused on the kids. Although I've heard the critique that LePort is a big company, this is actually a good thing. The head of school isn't running the website, doing payroll, in charge of marketing, etc. She's focused on making sure the teachers have what they need to provide a great experience for the kids. This is important as I've seen smaller schools and their staff overwhelmed with these organizational tasks that take focus off the kids. LePort is very well setup in this regard. Plus, their scale provides additional resources that a smaller outfit just can't afford or implement.

(8) We love the LePort parents and community. I say community because that's what we feel it is. There are tons of extra events and activities (particularly around holidays) that we enjoy. We also get to meet other parents that have become great friends outside of school. You definitely meet some outstanding people in this community.

(9) LePort's Head of School, Claudia, organizes a Coffee with Claudia monthly chat. This is a valuable time to be able to discuss topics ranging from parenting tips, to what's new in education, to just cute stories about the children. It's a very casual and open format and gives welcome insight into the school.

(10) One of my favorite times of the year is "Watch me Work" where parents get invited into the classroom (one family at a time) to watch your child work amongst their peers. (Montessori calls all activity "work" as they prepare the child for the real world.). It's a fun look into what my child is doing and I get to see the classroom in its full buzz. If this doesn't impress you nothing will. They do these events twice a year and I cherish them.

(11) LePort shares photos and progress reports of your child on a (secure) platform. This gives me day to day and week to week insight into my kid and what he's working on. They also have a private, closed, and moderated Facebook group for announcements, shares, and to connect the parents of the community.

All in all, we're 100% pleased with the education and community LePort offers. Preschool is a big resource, time, and financial commitment. If you're looking for a great Montessori program or just a great preschool in general, LePort in Encinitas should be on the top of your list.


For us the Montessori curriculum was what we felt fit best for our son, and in the time that he's been there I'm in awe at all that he's accomplished so far.

Erica M. 5 Stars, Yelp
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Leaving your newborn is never an easy thing to do and in our quest to find somewhere we felt our son would be loved, challenged and safe we found LePort Montessori Encinitas. The staff is so warm and friendly, you feel like you're truly joining a community than a preschool. For us the Montessori curriculum was what we felt fit best for our son, and in the time that he's been there I'm in awe at all that he's accomplished so far. The staff really cater to the children's needs and it shows. I don't know how they do it but in a classroom full of infants most of the time it's calm and the children are having the best time. Also, because the children are specifically different ages you can see how that really benefits the child. My son is really developing and pushing himself and I think it's because he sees his older friends in the class doing different things. The most heartwarming part is seeing how the staff really cares for each of the children. When I drop my son off he always has the biggest smile. The staff really bonds with the children and for me that's the best thing that I could ask for. Also Claudia, the Director, is a huge advocate for learning and provides the staff with continual education which I think is so wonderful. They also provide resources for the parents so you can learn and grow with the different challenges of parenting. Communication is excellent here, there's a private FB page for parents to get insights on what the entire school is up to, Coffee Talks with Claudia and Transparent Classroom so you get photos of your child while you're away. They also go above and beyond with extracurricular activities...school parades, shows and partnerships with the Encinitas community are all just a part of what they do here. We are beyond happy with our choice in LePort, they've exceeded our expectations and we're so glad to be a part of the LePort family!!



Shira K. 5 Stars, Facebook
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We feel so lucky to have our daughter in this school. We’ve been very impressed by the leadership and teachers. Excited to watch our kiddo develop into a confident, civilized, independent being! They send photos and daily notes to keep us involved and aware. Fabulous!


They are incredibly organized, impeccably clean, and provide a safe environment that allows our child to thrive.

Rosie T. 5 Stars, Yelp
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LePort Montessori is the best of the best! They offer truly authentic Montessori classes in English and a Spanish immersion program, which I particularly love. They are incredibly organized, impeccably clean, and provide a safe environment that allows our child to thrive. He is regularly challenged and genuinely looks forward to school every day.

The focus is always on the children, nurturing their learning style to help them grow daily. I would and have recommended it to all of my friends. LePort Montessori is a truly special place.


We couldn't be happier with the school and the program.

Jeffrey H. 5 Stars, Yelp
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We have two sons in this school. When we were originally looking for child care we were not specifically looking for Montessori, but we chose LePort because it was the cleanest facility and the teachers seemed very friendly and competent. We have since learned to appreciate our children's Montessori education. We couldn't be happier with the school and the program.


The staff models respect, enthusiasm, and joy on a daily basis.

Rebecca M. 5 Stars, Yelp
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I found LePort Encinitas at the end of 2014 when we needed care for our 18-month-old daughter. I was hoping for a true Montessori environment. I happened to hear another mom mention this new LePort location, which had acquired this building and transitioned it from a non-Montessori preschool earlier that year. We have been there ever since. The staff has always been great but we see a special cohesion among the current Head of School and the staff, and a commitment to the Montessori method. They and the LePort company have created great classrooms and outdoor facilities for the kids and they continually bring in new experiences and maintain the environment for the kids. The excellent teachers are inspiring the kids daily. Communication to the families is excellent and there are regular opportunities to build community with the other families. We are very pleased!

Our daughter will be five soon and I am amazed constantly by her enthusiasm for the different lessons and experiences she has there. Our second child has also been there for a year now, starting in the infant room and then moving to the toddler class. It was exciting to see him developing at that age in the Montessori environment. The classrooms are peaceful, inviting, and fun. The staff models respect, enthusiasm, and joy on a daily basis. That transfers to the kids, and it is a beautiful thing! If you are looking for a true Montessori experience, LePort Encinitas is the place.


The teachers and Head of School are all so dedicated to the Montessori method, and it's awesome to see their enthusiasm.

Katie F. 5 Stars, Yelp
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We searched the North County area for a preschool for quite some time. We were very familiar with the Montessori method, so we looked for a true Montessori school. We finally found it! LePort Montessori Encinitas is a perfect fit for our family. The teachers and Head of School are all so dedicated to the Montessori method, and it's awesome to see their enthusiasm. Watching the children in the classroom is so cool. They are focused on their work, they are having fun doing it, and they are calm! It was so unlike the rest of the preschools we visited. One thing we love is that the school is fairly small. It allows us to really get to know the teachers, staff, and other families. We can't say enough great things about this school and the staff. We are grateful we found LePort Encinitas!


This is a true Montessori school.

Jose G. 5 Stars, Yelp
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This is a true Montessori school. We have both boys attending the school for over a year and we only have good things to say about the school. Everything from the classroom materials to the pedagogical strategies in place.

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