Welcome to LePort Montessori Fairfax

Sometimes, smaller is better. If you are looking for a cozy, family-like community for preschool, you’ve come to the right place!

Our two-room, intimate urban schoolhouse is conveniently located in the heart of Fairfax, right next to Paul VI Catholic High School, between Route 29 and Main Street. With just two classrooms, and around 50 students, ours is a tight-knit community where every student is known by each of our staff, where you are greeted by name in the morning, and where parents and families form the community we so often long for in today’s busy world.

Our classrooms are bright spaces full of engaging Montessori learning materials, with direct doors to the outside, so children can flow inside and out throughout the day. Our playground, shaded by large mature trees, invites children to slide, play in the sand and garden during the warm months.

After 21 years of offering Montessori education under the Boyd School name, our school, along with the six other Boyd campuses, is now joining the LePort Schools community. Our founders have chosen LePort Schools to continue their legacy of offering high-quality Montessori programs in Loudoun and Fairfax counties since 1994.  We’re excited about this transition and the additional support it will offer to our school as we provide the best education to our young students. Read more about the transition from Boyd to LePort.

LePort Montessori Fairfax
3909 Oak Street
Fairfax, VA 22030
Admissions: 703-810-7247
General Office: 703-934-0920

Dear Family,

When I first visited a Montessori school in 2007, I was stunned. For years, I had worked in traditional early childhood education, and had come to expect noise, chaos and even certain unpleasant smells as the norm. On my first visit to The Boyd School, I felt I entered a world so different that I thought it must have been staged: the rooms were bright and clean, the children were engaged in many different activities, they were calm and happy, and yes, even the toddler environments where toilet learning happens smelled nice!

Coming to Montessori both as an administrator and as a parent has been transformational for my family. While my first daughter struggled in traditional daycare, my second daughter has been flourishing in Montessori. She started talking early, and now that she is four years old, I often feel like I talk to a smart, curious teenager: her vocabulary and mastery of concepts is that advanced! I, for my part, have learned to slow down, to observe and take delight in seeing children do amazing things. Most importantly, both my daughter and I love coming to school each day.

I know this may sound too good to believe—I thought so myself!—yet this is what Montessori is like here at our school. Come in for a tour, and see, hear and smell it for yourself: just call me, complete the web form, or send me an email. It may turn out to be the best thing you do for your child and family this year, like taking that first visit was for me.

Kimberly Simmons
Campus Manager

Quick Facts

  • Montessori programs for preschool/kindergarten.
  • Authentic, high-quality Montessori programs, led by Montessori-trained head teachers.
  • Caring, nurturing staff and a small, family-like community.
  • An intimate two-room urban school house, nestled in a neighborhood and shaded by old-growth trees.
  • A convenient location in the heart of Fairfax, next to Paul VI elementary school, between Main Street and Route 29.
  • Dual accreditation, from the American Montessori Society, and the Virginia Council of Private Education, allowing children who graduate from Kindergarten to enter grade one in the public school system.
  • Schedules that fit the needs of both stay-at-home and working parents: half day (8:30-12:45 pm), academic day (8:30–3:00 pm), extended day (8:30-4:30 pm), and full day (7:00-6:00 pm) available. Academic year or year round programs offered.

How to Get Started

Discovering our school is easy, with many convenient ways to get to know us.

  • Start by exploring the web site. Discover why parents at our schools love LePort—and how Montessori has the potential to change your child’s life, how at each stage, from infancy to elementary, she’ll thrive during her Knowledge for Life journey, how our Passionate Professionalism promise will help you feel secure in your choice, and how our beautiful, carefully prepared environments may make you wish you were a child again!
  • Contact us to get more information. We’ll send you a few emails that answer questions we know are on your mind—from how your child’s day at LePort would look like to how to ease separation anxiety.
  • Come in for a tour. Just contact us via phone, or via the web form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll get right back to you to schedule your tour. Tours usually happen in the mornings: we want you to be able to see our classrooms in action!
  • Attend an event. Our Parent Info Sessions cover a wide range of topics—from why to choose Montessori to how to approach toilet learning with your toddler, from how to foster literacy in preschoolers to the holy grail of how to raise a child who can think on his own. Our Open Houses allow you to visit our school on weekends—and to explore the entire campus with your child.

Contact Us

Contact us today to request a tour and to receive information about our programs and special offers.